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BoobOil® is a luxurious formula rich in Omegas & powerful Essential Oils: Clary Sage balances hormones, Grapefruit increases circulation and lymphatic drainage, Black Pepper poseses inflammatory and anti-cancerous properties, Frankincese is known for boosting the immune system, Peppermint and Lavender can balance hormones, lift and firm the breasts. Flaxseed Oil is known to protect the breasts from cysts and tumors, Hemp seed oil has the perfect balance of essential amino acids which can substantially reduce any hormonal imbalance and PMS induced breasts tenderness. Magnesium Chloride and MSM help to release tension felt in the breasts.

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Love this Oil! I had a mastectomy and reconstruction and my plastic surgeon recommended massaging my breasts to soften the skin! I’ve been using this oil and I love it! It’s not greasy and soaks inyo my skin leaving it soft and nourished! I also love the scent of this oil. I highly recommend this oil for healthy breast tissue!
Luxurious Pampering! I've been consciously looking for creative ways to incorporate self care rituals into my daily routine. As a woman who wants to connect with her body in sacred observance, this sensual oil provided this beautifully. While the oil connects you to the numinous qualities of your skin, it also gently engages your aromatic senses with an elegant bouquet of elegance. Every morning, I massage this with intention into my breasts after bathing and start my day off feeling absolutely divine. I highly recommend this luxurious oil to any woman looking to treat her body with reverence and love.
Teacher/ Artist
Every woman should have this! I've been using booboil for few weeks before taking a shower and I love it! The oil absorbs into the skin easily and smells wonderful! It is a great way to incorporate breast self exams allowing you to connect and know your breasts which is vital for early detection. There is a video on YouTube that walks you through how to do the massage with the oil.
Yoga Instructor

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