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(Good) Reasons why to use facial oils

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I’ve been using Heart and Soul Rituals face oils for the last 4 years and I’m totally hooked. I am a serious fan and desperate ambassador of facial oils, body oils, hair oils – no really I am! My skin never looked better, healthier, clearer and more nourished. I get compliments and questions about my beauty regimen all the time. You should try to use oils, just drop the old misconceptions how they clog the pores or produce acne…

First I wanted to tell you that oil resolves oil and it is a basic fact of chemistry. Organic oils cleanse and nourish tissue without triggering oil overproduction. Applying organic oils to skin dissolves sebum, nourishes tissue, and restores balance to dry and oily skin alike, including skin prone to blackheads or mild to moderate acne. When applying oils with facial massage, sebum balance is restored, allowing nutrients, antioxidants and moisture compounds in oil to fully absorb and nourish tissue.

Using facial oils and massaging your face works wonders, helps to move the toxins out and helps in absorption of the antioxidants and vitamins necessary in keeping the facial skin young and beautiful. Oils contain essential fatty acids your skin needs to stay properly hydrated, but your body can’t produce them on its own. Oils also act as the skin’s lipid barrier, protecting against temperatures, dry climates, and over-cleansing of the skin.

There are many different facial oils to choose from. One key factor that makes some oils work for one skin but not for the other is the amount of linoleic acid to oleic acid ratio in composition of the oil. Linoleic acid is filled with Omega 3 & 6 that have been shown to control the production of leukotriene B4, a molecule that can increase sebum and cause inflammatory acne. Sebum is supposed to lubricate the skin without clogging pores, but when our diets lack enough linoleic acid it can become sticky and easily hardens in the pores. This hardened sebum then becomes a blackhead, whitehead, or acne lesion.

I researched different oils, their values and qualities, then I added certain essential oils and infused many herbs to create the most fitting oils for your skin type.

 Fresh Roots Herbal Solution Face Oil:

-dedicated for sensitive, oily/ acne prone skin.
- lightweight, purifying and soothing treatment that reduces inflammation
- improves skin texture and clarity of skin tone
-no parabens, chemicals pure organic/wildcrafted, handmade
Read more about Fresh Roots Facial Oil

Vital Glow Omega 3-9 Anti-Aging Face Oil:

-dedicated for dry and mature skin
-restorative, anti-aging
-filled with antioxidants
-reduces inflammation, improves texture of the skin
- helps lighten up hyper pigmentation

Read more about Vital Glow Omega 3-9 Anti- Aging Face Oil

 I’m hoping to encourage you to use facial oils  and turn your dry and dull skin into glowing and beautiful complexion. Please send me any of your questions and comments. Share with friends.

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