on May 13, 16

Anti-Aging Tips

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Wouldn't be nice to be able to choose to be young, beautiful and happy forever? Maybe we can't choose really not to age at all - but we definitely can choose to feel young, happy, beautiful and help to prolong the aging process.

Here are some good tips to consider:

1. Use Sun Blocks - the scientists say that the sun exposure is the number 1 reason for skin maturing. I believe that everything in moderation is good - we need Sun actually, so please don't choose not to be outside. Choose a good quality natural sun block and wear fancy hats

2. Drink Water - not one glass a day - I mean really drink up! You can add Lemon, Apple Cider Vinegar, squeeze orange, grapefruit, add therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Cucumber, Drink Herbal Teas (no caffeine), it doesn't have to be boring plain water.
Determine how much Water to Drink

3. Try to avoid Coffee - but if you drink it, know that it is dehydrating to your body and add more water to your daily intake

4. Alcohol is dehydrating too, use in moderation

5. Sugar - it is a base for all the nasty bacteria like Candida to start growing inside. Sugar also breaks down in our bodies in the process called glycation. This natural process causes the sugar in the bloodstream, to attach to proteins that form harmful molecules called AGE’s or advanced glycation end products. These AGE’s damage other proteins in the skin, particularly the collagen and elastin fibers, which keep skin supple and elastic.

6. Eat Good Quality Foods that are supplying your body nutritional needs, including plenty of fruits and veggies.

7. No Smoking, Please stop smoking - today is a great day to do that!

8. No Sitting Inside - get yourself out in the nature, move around, breathe fresh air as much as you can.

9. Keep your skin moisturized. It is crucial to keep moisture in your skin by using good quality cosmetics. Please read labels and use only products that when you read the label you know what is inside. If you can't pronounce an ingredient, question in, try to get into green products dictionary and know what it is that you put on your precious skin.

10. Be joyful! Did you know that when you feel happy you create the joyful chemical reactions in your body and your body raises it's vibration, not only you are looking younger but your immune system is stronger! The same with being sad, upset or frustrated - by staying in this energy for a longer period of time - your body actually adjusts to lower vibration energy and you are becoming more prone for colds, viruses and other illnesses as well as your eyes loose sparkle.

Stay positive


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