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Heart & Soul Skincare Vision is to create a holistic, handmade, natural products that inspire, promote and support true Wellness and conscious living. By taking responsibility for our own being and healthy choices, one by one we can change the communities, creating healthier life.

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If you are discovering Heart & Soul for the first time, be prepared to raise in love.

Heart & Soul Rituals LLC was created by Ania Massat in 2010. Long before she opened the company she was craving to use her artistic soul to create products that would carry the beauty along with natural and healing properties. Since the very beginning of her life she was always attracted to Nature, Herbs, Essential Oils and everything Holistic. She believes that the true Wellness comes only from Mother Nature. "I find myself so very attracted to the ways people used to take care of their health and beauty. Since the very beginning of the human culture people wanted to feel good and look attractive. Civilizations also created special beauty rituals that followed beliefs and trends. Throughout the history the ancient civilizations, middle ages up to modern times people created cosmetics based on natural ingredients. Egyptians used Myrrh, Thyme, Marjoram, Chamomile, Lavender, Lily, Peppermint, Rosemary, Cedar, Rose, Aloe, Olive Oil, Sesame Oil, and Almond Oil for scenting their bodies, for sun protection and for spiritual rituals. Ancient Chinese and Japanese women used rice powder to make their faces white, they crushed safflower petals to paint the eyebrows and edges of the eyes as well as the lips. Ancient Romans introduced using massage oil, saunas and mud baths. Later in Middle Ages wise women understood the healing power of the herbs, they used them in potions and cosmetics, and powerful healing rituals. Not until recent times, technology started to replace the power of nature with cheaper, yet synthetic ingredients." At the beginning Ania just wanted to create natural products without harsh chemicals and harmful ingredients for the family and loved ones. Ania's daughter struggled with dermatitis and eczema and it mobilized her to really search only for the most beneficial ingredients to heal Olivia's skin. She educated herself in every possible way, kept trying new products, new recipes – she experimented with twisting the existing recipes and improving them. Finally she came up with the most amazing products. All Heart & Soul Skincare products are handcrafted using only the highest quality ingredients that will cherish your Body and inspire your Soul. All products are handmade in Tinley Park, Illinois. All products are environmentally responsible, simple and cruelty free. Packaging is non toxic. Ania transfers into the products her personal belief that all that grows naturally possesses vibration that can transform, heal and impact our skin, organs, and connect Body with Mind. Ania is devoted ambassador of Heart & Soul Skincare. Welcome! Ania Massat

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Ania Massat


Ania Massat

"When your soul awakens, your destiny becomes urgent with creativity"

John O’Donohue

 Ania Massat

Ania Massatt—visionary artist, mother of daughters, apothecary, shaman, spiritual teacher, Wellness Center owner and businesswoman—embodies mastery in myriad forms. Through her inspiring life and inspiring creations Ania ensouls mystique and clarity, wild life force and composed elegance, a passion for the contemporary and the meticulous craft of ancient guilds, all at the same time. Her original collections of health and beauty products, fabricated with the most exquisite organic ingredients in distilled form, are both tools for healing and rejuvenation and sensuous art works for the discriminating connoisseur. They are meant to be lovingly used up in sacred rituals of ecstatic awareness….yet many astute clients will prefer to collect them as magical receptacles of a Higher Presence.

Ania’s provenance was Poland, the hidden treasure of central Europe, where she learned herbal recipes that date back to Paracelsus, the first great modern healer.

From ancestral origins and occult Old World traditions Ania has extracted the deep wisdom of botanical secrets, their wondrous curative properties and restorative scents. As a postmodern alchemist in the New World, she combines environmentally responsible standards with the richness of a natural sensorium that guides us into the secret garden of ourselves.

Each of Ania’s many splendored creations of Heart & Soul Rituals promotes true Wellness. Contains its own complex essence that captures an aspect of the evolved human. Yet all of Ania’s products is based on a simple principle: Experiencing through the senses our Being in the Now. Embrace simplexity every time you choose to be possessed by one of Ania Massat’s masterworks.

Ania Massat’s Heart & Soul Skincare collections are devoted to cherishing and healing our bodies and expanding our souls by taking the time to indulge in Rituals of Self Love.

If you never tried Heart & Soul prepare to rise in love!




Certified NLP Master Practitioner/ Mindset & Success Coach

Graduate of Sacred Journey Institute, Tinley Park, IL

Gradudate of Cortiva Institute, Licensed Massage Therapist, Chicago, IL

MakeUp First, Certified Makeup Artist, Chicago, Il

National Louis University, Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Chicago, Il


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