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BoobOil is a luxurious formula rich in Omegas & powerful Essential Oils: Clary...

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Product Description

BoobOil is a luxurious formula rich in Omegas & powerful Essential Oils: Clary Sage balances hormones, Grapefruit increases circulation and lymphatic drainage, Black Pepper possess inflammatory and anti-cancerous properties, Frankincense is known boosting the immune system, Peppermint and Lavender can balance hormones, lift and firm the breasts. Flaxseed Oil is known to protect the breasts from cysts and tumors, Hemp seed oil has the perfect balance of essential amino acids which can substantially reduce any hormonal imbalance and PMS induced breasts tenderness. Magnesium Chloride and MSM help to release tension felt in the breasts. This product is All Natural, Paraben Free, Animal Friendly & Vegan. Booboil was created for each woman as the inspiration and encouragement to connect with her own breasts. Use BoobOil on daily basis - morning and evening by applying 1-2 pumps into your palm and applying onto breasts in gentle, circulation motions towards the armpit.

BoobOil is #1 recommended oil for massaging your breasts
  • Promotes healthy breast tissue- daily application of the BoobOil with self performed massage helps to improve the breast tissue. It makes the breast tissue firmer and softer
  • Improves circulation & lymph flow - daily application of BoobOil with self performed massage of the breasts helps to invigorate and increase the blood circulation in breast tissue as well as helps to detoxify and remove any waste products away from the breasts, creating healthier breasts. This oil is recommended also after the breasts surgery to improve circulation and move lymph - spreading up post surgery recovery
  • Relieves soreness/tension- PMS related - the studies show that over 50% women struggle with tension felt inside of the breasts in connection to hormonal fluctuations based on menstrual cycle. Daily application of BoobOil along with daily gentle self massage helps to relief these PMS related symptoms. It helps to soften the breast tissue.
  • Promotes Awareness and sense of Connection to your body. It is crucial for each woman to develop self knowledge. Through daily application of BoobOil along with self performed gentle massage each woman gains more knowledge about own body, can recognize the smallest changes in the breasts. Daily application also creates rituals, it is relaxing for the body and mind and triggers sense of appreciation

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